My name is Ivan Arsic. I work as CG generalist, compositor, supervisor, producer. I started learning CG in 1998 and stepped into production around 2002. I graduated from academy of applied arts Belgrade. Most of my knowledge came from pure enthusiasm, constant R&Ds, personal projects and from studio projects which are mostly post-production part but not so rare production also. As generalist im involved in almost every part of pipeline (including building pipeline itself) from modeling, uv, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, matchmoving, render, compositing, vfx, look-dev, tools development (pipeline and software specific ones).

Skills and experience:
15+ Years of Experience with Feature Films and Television (professional). Lifetime experience with CG world in general (starting from C64).
Strong Understanding of Photography, Photogrammetry, Color, Light, Composition, Animation, Realism.

-Windows/Linux platforms
-DaVinci Resolve
-Python (system tools, app specific tools, web-dev using Flask)
-HTML, CSS and a bit of JS 😉

Experience – Movies (IMDB):
Experience – Commercials (………………)

Ivan Arsic

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