Personal projects:

Boxer (UHD):
This project was purely random, no planing, no ideas, no animatic … only model.
Recently i bumped on this model i did few years ago and decided to make him alive.
I did few animations (just two actualy) and simply rendered it from bunch of angles and then added some more angles along as i did the edit. Theres no compositing on this one, not even layers, its pure render and color correction on top.


ALPHA – Part 1

This is visualization of composition by RM Tocak. It started as small R&D project involving MIDI music driven animation and ended up as much more complicated project idea. Big technical challenge here was to create piano which is completely driven by MIDI (key presses and string dynamic vibration) it involved tons of scripting and very precise project management.

midinote – is amazing little tool for converting midi into text

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